Big Kenny of Big & Rich brings you PEACE LOVE & HAPPY HOUR Peanuts.  These Premium Virginia Peanuts are simply the most delicious, biggest and best. Taste these super crunchy hand-cooked perfectly seasoned gourmet peanuts one time and you're gonna love them.  They are extra large and the most select American grown.  Big Kenny's Peanuts are a perfect healthy snack on the run and quickly become a tasty favorite wherever good friends gather and good times call!  
"My family has raised peanuts in Virginia for generations.  I grew up loving them!  I love to share the things that I love with my friends and these are the best!  So, have yourself a Big and Rich time kicked back with a drink and a handful of my Peace Love & Happy Hour Peanuts"  - Big Kenny
Flavors include: Sea Salt, Fiery Chipotle, Jalapeño, Chili Lime, Unsalted Super Crunchy! Super Big! Perfect Pub and Bar peanuts!
10 oz cans available in 3 Packs, 6 Packs or 12 Packs.
Pick your favorite flavors to GET THE PARTY STARTED!

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