Love Everybody Brass & Copper Medallion Necklace

Product image 1Love Everybody pendant displayed on a wooden trunk
Product image 2Front and back of pendant detailing the Love Everybody emblem
Product image 3Detail of second pendent featuring Big Kenny text
Product image 4Love Everybody necklaces arranged in a circular pattern
Product image 5The Love Everybody emblem is an eagle with wings spread under a globe with Love Everybody emblazoned on a banner across the center
Product image 6Reverse side of pendant with eagle shape in relief detailing high level of craftsmanship
Product image 7Closeup of medallion inscribed with inspirational phrase, side A
Product image 8Closeup of medallion inscribed with inspirational phrase, side B
Product image 9Primary Love Everybody pendant design hovered over the bullseye of a dartboard
Product image 10Love Everybody emblem with American flag in background
Product image 11Necklaces draped across the brim of Big Kenny's Love top hat
Product image 12Love Everybody Brass & Copper Medallion Necklace

Regular price $100.00

Keep that Love Everybody sentiment and spirit close to your heart, and share it with the whole world! This custom-made piece is a beautifully crafted metalwork featuring the Love Everybody emblem and the words that inspired the movement.

A pair of brass and copper pendants attached to a 30" beaded chain with a hand-welded link ring. One with the Love Everybody eagle emblem and another quoting the inspirational words of Big Kenny -

"the sky is our ceiling, the ground is our floor, and the world is our one big happy home

by the sweat of our brows and the strength of our hearts, living is a day worth dying for"

The necklace comes in a cloth drawstring bag, handmade by Big Kenny himself!

Each piece is one of a kind and will take on a patina based on use and environment. Time will bring out the uniqueness of the working metals. If you want to limit the effect of the patina, you can seal with beeswax or furniture wax.

Like every PEACE LOVE & HAPPY HOUR purchase, this artisan-crafted necklace supports Love Everybody, which contributes to veteran, first responder, and children's causes.

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Can I get an A-MEN-AHHHHHH!!

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