Peanut Flavors

  • CHILI LIME - A wave of chili with a zest of lime join forces to flood your senses with a not too hot, but oh so wonderful flavor combination! 

  • FIERY CHIPOTLE - It'll light your tongue up, but won't make you pass out. The perfect amount of spice and heat to make you wanna shout! 

  • JALAPEÑO - Everybody wanna heat it up, wanna eat it up, wanna sing along with me, jalapeño is where the party be! 

  • SEA SALT - Scared of spice? Terrified by heat? No fear. The original Sea Salt packs enough flavor to tickle any tastebuds! 

  • UNSALTED - We get it, you're boring , but that doesn't mean you can't still have some fun! 


3 bears walk into a bar, the first bear says my nuts are too hot, the second bear says my nuts are too cold, the third bear says my nuts are just right ... Lesson learned: also trust the third bear. 

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