Unsalted Peanuts, 10 oz

Product image 1Virginia Peanuts Unsalted Flavor
Product image 2Unsalted Peanuts, 10 oz
Product image 3Unsalted Peanuts, 10 oz
Product image 4Unsalted Peanuts, 10 oz
Product image 5Unsalted Peanuts, 10 oz
Product image 6Unsalted Peanuts, 10 oz
Product image 7Unsalted Peanuts, 10 oz
Product image 8Unsalted Peanuts, 10 oz

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UNSALTED - We get it, you're boring, but that doesn't mean you can't still have some fun!  These cooked peanuts are grandtastic just like they are.  There's already enough salt on the margaritas anyway! 

Big Kenny of Big & Rich brings you PEACE LOVE & HAPPY HOUR Peanuts.  These Premium Virginia Peanuts are simply the most delicious, biggest, and best. Taste these super crunchy hand-cooked perfectly seasoned gourmet peanuts one time and you're gonna love them.  They are extra large and the most select American grown.  Big Kenny's Peanuts are a perfect healthy snack on the run and quickly become a tasty favorite wherever good friends gather and good times call! 

Save big time! 20-35% off the single can price when you buy in packs of 3, 6, or 12

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